Atavism has changed the owner

We are pleased to announce that Atavism after negotiation process was taken by our studio. Now we are the new owner of the Atavism project and we are very excited about its future development. As you might know we developer our game called World of Heroes based on Atavism for almost 4 years now and we made lots of modification and improvements during that time, so we are going to implement them over time to the main Atavism branch.

We would also thank you for the whole work which Neojac Entertainment Team put into this product and that they trusted us enough to sell their baby, it is a privilege for us.

Because of taking the development of such complex software as Atavism is really time-consuming, we want to ask You to be patient, as we will need around one week for migration process of whole Atavism environment.

We would like to ensure all Atavism license owners that we will honor their licenses and the new version will be introduced as soon as possible after we will finalize systems and repositories migration process.

 We will inform You about whats coming next at the beginning of November and I'm assuring You, improvements are coming into Atavism soon.