Atavism 2.7 is released

New Atavism 2.7 is already there, we put a lot of effort to make as many elements migrated into this release. We tested it on each stage, because of the number of changes we would like to include to ensure that this final version will be rock solid.

In the newest Atavism 2.7 version, we implemented Arenas where you are able to compete with other players, define rules like rewards, size of Arena Teams and more. You can define the required level for entry. There are two types of entry single player and the whole group, so group leader can assign to the queue whole party as a one. Because we think that if there is a great package which can spare you a significant amount of time and effort then why not integrate it or make integration easy. That's why we made World Streamer, Master Audio, TextMesh Pro, and I2 Localization integrations. So you can gain performance, scale your game up, manage audio and make your texts and UI look beautiful and crispy in any resolution. Also, it allows you to make your game in multi-languages, or even if you are using one then it gives you the ability to adjust your texts more easily by just using google spreadsheets.

New attributes like Critical chance, critical power, evasion, and parry allows you to make your game more interesting. New effect type Sleep allows you to handle crowd control in your game. Full release notes can be found here.