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In a Massively Multiplayer World where you can fight, craft, explore and live, Arcfall offers a game style that captures old-school RPG games with modern quality. Emerge yourself in a world where you can craft your own weapons and armor. Own your own house and fill it with furniture that enhances your character.  Hire merchants to sell your goods to other players making Arcfall a pure player driven economy.

Being a pure skill based game, every action you make adds to the growth of your character. Expand your network to include friends in your own guild and raid others to gain their riches or steal from their homes. Be warned when you kill someone and it is not outside of the King's Reign, you might get branded a murderer and hunted by all.

Sail across the world on your own warship and take on pirates on the open seas, or export goods to other towns and sell them at a profit. With so many different things a player can do, you can shape your character and gameplay to the way you want it, the end game is just the start of your adventures.

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You can own land in Arcfall by purchasing a deed. There are different sized lots and by placing the right deed to a lot, you claim ownership, allowing you to build on the land. As housing will exist in the persistent world, there will be a limited amount of lots to choose from. With each lot, there is an in-game currency tax which must be paid within a certain time period or the lot reverts to being for sale. Tax on the property can be extended through the purchased of tax deeds either with in-game currency or real money.  There are different categories of properties; mainly farm, residential and castle. Each property type has unique items that can only be placed on them. 


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There are different races to choose from when you create your Avatar. Each race has attributes that make it unique to other races. The most common race is Humans who heal faster than most races.

As Arcfall is a skill based system, where every action you do increases your skill, you can create any type of class. Be it a specific class where all your skills are built towards it or a hybrid of a class where you mix in certain skills, each player will be unique. Some players can specialize in crafting while others can be healers or warriors.

Crafting is very easy to get into. You can either purchase or find a recipe for an item you wish to craft and then by placing it in a specific crafting station with the resources it requires, you can craft the item. You will, however, need to be at a certain skill level to use certain stations and recipes. With many different biomes to explore the world, you can find and harvest many different resources. If you do not need them to craft, then sell them to other players on the open market.

Combat is fluent and takes you back to the old school games, where combining different abilities can have different outcomes. With a full loot drop system, combat is very competitive but players can choose to be in PvP mode as long as their karma level allows it. Karma levels decrease when stealing items or killing other players when your Karma is to low you will not be able to toggle back to PvE mode. Just make sure to get back to your body after your spirit is released within three minutes or someone else will be able to loot it.