Atavism 2019.1 is released

Atavism 2019.1 is officially released.

Here are some numbers for you, so you could know how much work it cost us :)

Over 300 improvements, new features, and fixes. Over 510 server builds to provide you the best possible quality. Among minimap, and loading screen, we are providing promised Orc Race for UMA, performance improvements which will speed up server logic by 20-200x, and on top of that RPG & MMO UI 6 for all Ataivsm clients with valid 2019.1.0 license. Of course, we couldn't forget about new Atavism Editor, which is the graphics tool in which you are configuring all Atavism related elements, so we speed up this important element, made it simpler and more intuitive, updated included help, providing better management and multilingual support.


As usual full release notes can be found on our documentation page.