Atavism for Unreal Engine development has started


Dear Community. We are very excited about this Atavim for Unreal Engine Project.

We already started making the new Ataivsm Editor for Unreal. For those of you who are not familiar with Atavism, Editor is the main graphical tool in which you can configure Ataivsm elements, like add quests, items, skills, dialogues, player statistics, instances, and much more, but the complete list can be found on the current wiki page https://wiki.atavismonline.com. Because we are at the beginning of the project, we are sharing materials that we have, and they are mostly related to the Unity, but over time we will add more content related to the Unreal Engine. Atavism for Unreal will also have its own documentation, tutorials, we will create separate forum sections to split these two branches, so you could easily find the information you will be looking for.

So, we decided to build the Ataivms Editor in Electron and Angular, which gives us all the benefits and features we required. We will present some early screenshots when we will code the general shape of the application. In the meantime, we encourage you to check our Atavism Editor promotion video. This is the current version that is built in Unity. We already redesigned it and added some nice features, which should speed up the development even more.

We are also building the team which will work on direct Unreal - Atavism integration.