Atavism Cloud Service





We are pleased to inform you that Atavism Cloud Service is now available, and even if the base price is really low compared to other hosting companies, with our infrastructure partner we decided to provide a 50% discount for all Atavism License Owners for the first month. Installation is as easy as just a few clicks, and the process is fully automated. This is a response for people who are not experts in server management. Thanks to our partner North Networking, we are able to provide you Virtual Machines with competitive prices, and top service quality. 

To use Atavism Cloud Service, login to Customer Portal (apanel), select Virtual Machine option, and the whole installation will be processed for you automatically. This process should take less than a minute, after that, you will receive generated credentials, and the server will be automatically started. It's the easiest and the most reliable installation method we have ever offered.