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K.A.N.E. is a Youth organization, based in the city of Kalamata, Greece. Since its establishment in 2008, K.A.N.E. participates in, implements and promotes activities on local, regional and international level (such as trainings, seminars, meetings, youth exchanges, social, cultural and educational projects, etc.), in line with the values of UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development. One of the main aims of the organisation is the promotion of youth work and non-formal education, and intercultural learning as a means for inclusion and lifelong learning as well as for a more tolerance and solidarity in our society. To that end, K.A.N.E. has created 2 youth structures;

  • the Youth Centre of Kalamata, with 4500 members. Its main achievements are the integration of immigrants and local marginalized youth to its activities and
  • the Kalamata Street Festival, which has become international and hosts over 10000 visitors, artists and participants from Greece and abroad.




Hors Pistes (previously Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée) is an organisation working on the field of nonformal education founded in 2013 and based in Marseille, France. Hors Pistes means thinking outside the box, accepting unexpected discoveries, changing perspectives.
It’s overcoming preconceived ideas, escaping one’s comfort zone, opening horizons and being surprised. It’s going through paths we didn’t suspect, paths which make us grow up and learn. It is also a wink to Pistes Solidaires, a reminder of our origins and an extension of this idea of path (in French,’Pistes’), these hidden sideroads we are willing to go on.
Hors Pistes develops a number of international projects:

  • Sending, hosting and coordinating EVS volunteers
  • International and local training courses for youth/social workers
  • Intercultural youth exchanges
  • Erasmus + Internships in Europe for unemployed young people
  • An intercultural mentoring programme between migrant and local inhabitants for building social links and a better inclusion of migrants in their host community



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Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development “EFYD” is an Egypt based youth-led non-profit organization, founded in 2012, launched on The International Youth Day (12th of August) and registered in the governorate of Alexandria, Egypt under the registration number 3082.

EFYD focuses on empowering youth, supporting youth entrepreneurship, facilitating job creation, and giving youth a voice. We work to promote sustainable development, health, gender, intercultural dialogue, sports for development, informal education and service learning, and the use of ICT for development, arts and culture.




ONET / BRCV SOUSSE is a regional non-governemental association working in the field of children and youth. The main activities of the association are entwinned with developing skills and competences among children and youngsters, focusing on employability and intercultural learning.
The association also implements training courses for youth workers. Other themes of activities include the environment, social inclusion, youth development, etc. The members of our association are volunteers. Our association is involved in euromed, the youth in action and the ERASMUS+ programmes since 2004, organising and participating in many activities (youth exchanges,seminars,training courses...).

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This project is implemented in the framework of the programme ALF/CFP/2015/EDU-ART and co-financed with the support of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for dialogue between cultures.

The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organisation which promotes intercultural exchanges and common projects among the civil societies of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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