Mapping the community


Type of Tool: Simulation exercise / Group Building Activity
Target group: Youth workers, trainers, educators, volunteers
Topics addressed: Group Dynamics / Project Management

Material / Equipment needed: You need to print the instructions and if there are any cameras, ask the participants to film some of the interviews (not necessary).

Duration: approx. 70 mins
10 minutes for dividing groups, explaining the tasks and answering to questions
30 minutes for the activity
20-30 minutes for presentation and discussion

Aim: To act as an example on how to make a needs analysis in the local community by involving the members or the volunteers of your organisation.
During a training course it can be a stimulus for a discussion on the needs of the youth and the local community in general, or for an actual needs analysis in order to introduce a session on the creation of non formal education tools as a means to approach certain issues.

Description: Divide the group in 4 subgroups and give them the paper with the following instructions (this is just an example. You can adapt the questions/tasks according to your objectives):

Group 1: Observation
Task: Walk down the main shopping street and observe the people.

Group 2: Interviews
Task: Interview at least 10 people on the street, in order to identify the needs of the local community

Group 3: Typical week of a young person
Task: In your own way, try to find out the typical week of 5 young people

Group 4: Explore how aware the people are about non-formal education
Task: Using your own method try to identify the level of awareness of the local community about non‐formal education. If they don’t know what it is, ask them what they think it could be.


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