Type of Tool: Ice-breaker / name game-getting to know each other / Group Building Activity
Target group: Any Group

Material / Equipment needed: You need to print the pictures in A3 or A4 paper

Duration: approx. 1h and 15 minutes (depending on the size of the group)

Aim: Getting to know each other better and creating a more friendly atmosphere in the group.


The trainer should ask the participants to send him/her their favorite picture or a picture/drawing that represents them. Nobody else should see this picture before, besides the trainer/ facilitator.

The trainer has to print the pictures and organise this activity on the first or the second night (at the latest).
The participants enter the room, where they should find a warm atmosphere with chill out music, and are sitting on pillows on the floor (forming a circle).

The trainer puts the pictures in the centre of the room (face down so nobody can see) and picks the first one.

The participants observe the picture and they try to imagine what kind of person is the one whom this picture represents. They say what they think about this person (e.g. he/she is romantic, passionate, organised, etc).

When many people speak the trainer facilitates the process and asks from the person to whom the picture belongs to reveal him/herself.

This process continues until all pictures are viewed and discussed. Usually you need 3-5 minutes per picture, so for 20 participants it will last for about an hour.


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