Type of Tool: Simulation exercise
Target group: Upper classes of primary school pupils and secondary school pupils aged between 12 and 16.
Topic Addressed: Alcohol abuse

Material / Equipment needed: Questions for the group work written on a flip chart, markers, pens, A4 paper sheets, empty bottles of alcohol drinks.

Duration: approx. 45 minutes
Energizer-5 min
Drama act- 1 min
Introduction of the tool and meeting with the other youth workers - 3 min
Work in groups - 15 min
Presentations and discussion - 20 min

* Make youngsters aware of the serious consequences of alchocol abuse.
* Allow youngsters to realise that they need to take responsibility for their actions.
* Make sure that they understand the dangers of alchocol abuse.
* Allow the young people to develop social and moral responsibility towards their peers in school.
* Emphasize on the proper use of alcohol


This tool is designed to raise the youngsters‘ awareness on the topic of alchocol abuse. It is based on the principle of experiental learning which means that activates youngsters on cognitive, emotional and practical level.

* Energizer - The energizer is used to create a diversion for the main activity that follows without the pupils knowing that. The youth worker explains the rules of the energizer and in the meantime the other two youth workers prepare to implement the method of extreme drama performance.

*Drama performance - The two youth workers burst arguing into the room/classroom and act as drunk. The energizer is stopped. The youth worker that was carrying out the energizer acts as if he/she has no idea what is going on. The act lasts for 30 seconds. Its goal is to activate the youngsters to think about the consequenses of achocol abuse.

*Working in groups - The group is divided in smaller working groups and the youngsters discuss and express their feelings and opinions about the scene. The questions on which they should focus are:
- Did you understand what happened?
- How did you feel?
- Who do you think these people are?
- What in your opinion caused the agression between them?
- Did you want to do anything about it?
- Would you get involved in this situation?
- What should be done in a situation like this?

*Presentations and discussion - The youngsters present their thoughts and ideas. The discussion is facilitated by the youth workers.


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