The Race


Type of Tool: Group Building Activity
Target group: You can adapt it to any group
Topic Addressed: 8 key competences, but it can be adapted also to address other topics
Material / Equipment needed:
Cards with different questions
Big poster
Music equipment
Computers ( one for two persons)
Internet access

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Team work
To develop the 8-key competences during the different activities
Ability to work under pressure
Self- evaluation by playing fair

The goal of the game is to finish a race with as many points as possible.
Splitting the group into two groups, they have to complete different tasks based on the 8-key competences. For each task, they will earn between one and three points. The group who earns the highest mark will be the winner.
The marks are appointed sometimes by the facilitators and sometimes from the other group.

1. SUDOKU: We have to explain Sudoku rules to students. We can give Sudoku to each participant or one to share between couples. You can adapt the time limit according to the participants (max. 10 mins)

2. Telephone: The participants are asked to form two lines, each team is in one line. Then the facilitator tells one sentence to the first person and then they have to pass the message to the person behind them and do so till the end of the line. At the end of the line the facilitators check if the message it´s the same.
To make things more interesting, you can use languages other than english.

3. Find… : Participants have to find answers to questions using Internet. The time limit depents on the number of questions and computers…

4. Films: The facilitators distribute cards with the name of a movie on them. One person of each team has to make the others guess the movie without speaking. The person presenting changes with each card.

5. Dance: The participants have four minutes to prepare a dance to the music the facilitators propose.
Each team receives a mark from 1-10 by the other team.

6. Painting: This task is similar to the film-task but they have to draw instead of show. Time limit should be around 20-30 seconds for each picture.

7. Sentences: Participants have to practice a saying and after 1-minute preparation, they will read it aloud as a choir (it can be in different languages)

8. Photos: Each team has to think about three photos for the other team to represent. Each team has to evaluate the other one and give them the mark.


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