Welcome in 2019, we have hope that this year will be great for all Atavism Community. We have great news for you. We established and scheduled Roadmap for this year of Atavism development.

  1. Pathfinding (Pathfinding mostly for mobs) 
  2. Socketing for weapons and armors (so you could put gems, runs or in general socket items into the weapons and armors to improve their statistics)
  3. Enchanting for weapons and armors (so you could improve item statistics by increasing it to +1, +2, etc. with some logic behind when you failed to enchant it)
  4. Sets of weapons and armors (so you could define some items which would be part of the set with a number of items which would give some statistics as a bonus when they are wearied).
  5. Talents (passive abilities which could be learned)
  6. Crafting Book (so you could learn to craft recipes and put them permanently into the crafting book, to craft items)
  7. Auction house (so you could put on sale some of your items, so they could be visible if you are offline)
  8. Loot settings (like only Leader, Free for All, By Turn, Random)
  9. Rankings (to present most active, powerful… players)
  10. Minimap (so you could use more features like showing where the specific quest can be completed)
  11. Loading Screen (for asynchronously loaded scenes)
  12. Social Plugin (Blacklist)
  13. Premium Account Functionality (for example the extra amount of experience when the account has premium status)
  14. Windows Manager for Atavism which will let you install, and manage your Atavism for Windows
  15. UI designed exclusively for Atavism
  16. Non-target combat system to let your players use abilities without a selected target

We have hope that you like what is coming this year, we are already excited to implement some of them, so stay tuned.


New Licensing Model

Along with new Atavism 2018.1 version and it’s future progress we are introducing the new licensing model for Atavism. All present Atavism clients will remain all licenses and CCU configurations. Each license will allow you to run one Atavism world server in same time.

With new release there will be available 4 licenses of Atavism:

Atavism On-Premises Standard (20 CCU) – 499 USD

Atavism On-Premises Advanced (500 CCU) – 999 USD (previously Atavism On-Premises)

Atavism On-Premises Professional (3000 CCU) – 4 999 USD

Atavism On-Premises Ultra (Unlimited CCU) – 9 999 USD

All prices include VAT.

There will be also possible upgrades to a higher version for a price difference.

Maintenance Plan

We are also introducing Maintenance Plan. Each Maintenance Plan will allow getting Atavism updates. Clients without active Maintenance Plan will be able to use latest Atavism 2.x (which is Atavism 2.7) or latest Atavism version covered by expired Maintenance Plan. Maintenance Plan will cost 25% of license price (listed above) and will be attached to the specific license.

All new licenses will include 180 days of Maintenance Plan.

We are aware that some of the developers are hobbyists and in order to give you some accommodation time for 50 days you will receive 50% discount on Maintenance Plan.

Simple calculations will show you the amount of software compared to price.

Lets assume that most of developers have Atavism On-Premises (500 CCU) which will cost 999 USD, so yearly Maintenance Plan will be 250 USD, so it’s around 21 USD (including discount it will be 10.50 USD) per month, which is around half hour of programmers work, so for  the wage of half hour of programmers work you will receive our month of work by our company. We think it’s not too much for such product and support which we are constantly providing and we will continue to do so. Also, Maintenance Plans will be available in different versions (30, 90, 180, 365 days for each type of license).

We have hope that the new licensing model will meet with your understanding and you will appreciate our effort in Atavism development and its support.

We are pleased to inform you that based on the Community feedback, we decided to officially give our clients possibility to downgrade Atavism On-Premises Ultra (Unlimited CCU) license.

Atavism On-Premises Ultra (Unlimited CCU) owners can downgrade license by choosing one of two license variants which we prepared:

  1. Atavism On-Premises Professional (3000 CCU) + Atavism On-Premises Standard (20 CCU)
  2. Atavism On-Premises Advanced (500 CCU) + Atavism On-Premises Standard (20 CCU)

So generally it can be exchanged for 2 licenses, depending on your choice, but the Standard license is included in both options.

In order to submit such request Atavism On-Premises Ultra (Unlimited CCU) owner should send us an email which should contain:

  1. E-mail on which Atavism On-Premises Ultra (Unlimited CCU) license was registered.
  2. Atavism On-Premises Ultra (Unlimited CCU) license key.
  3. Pack of licenses (1 or 2) to which downgrade should be proceded.

Above information should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Such downgrade is permanent and it won't be possible to revert it back.

Downgrade option is a one-time limited offer, it's free and can be done from now on until the end of April 2018.

We have hope that such initiative will let you continue your journey with Atavism and it's development process.